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Budget Travel and Tours, Inc. (“Budget Travel”), is well aware of the need to protect your privacy and we are duty-bound to protect and keep confidential any personal information that you provide us with in the course of your business transaction with us. In view of the above, Budget Travel shall protect your personal data in compliance with Republic Act No. 10173, or the “Data Privacy Act 2012 (the “Act”).



Per the said law, should you furnish us with your personal data, you, in effect, agree for us to use it for the sole purpose for which you provided the said data to us. In this connection, you also necessarily assent for us to share the information and personal data you gave us to other parties responsible with rendering related services on our behalf. This sharing, of course, is strictly in connection with the services we are providing you. These include airline and hotel bookings and other related services including the processing of your credit cards to the extent necessary for the subject transactions. Further, we shall rely on the completeness and information you furnish to us and you further confirm and agree that any information you relay to Budget Travel is complete and correct. Failure on your part to provide us with complete and correct information may likewise lead to Budget Travel’s inability to render the services you have requested from Budget Travel. In such a case, Budget Travel shall not be liable for any damage arising therefrom.


In the course of performing its required task, Budget Travel shall receive and necessarily keep the information it acquires from you including personal information that can identify you, that is, your given and family name, contact numbers, postal and email addresses, and credit card information. We may, in the process, likewise secure from you information concerning matters such as your airline and hotel room information, and other information related to your travel. You have, of course, the option not to share with us such information but please be aware that any inability on our part to perform our task may be attributed to your failure to do so.


In view of our primary objective of completing our assigned task, we may have to utilize various related information such as credit card and other related information. In so doing, we may likewise use the said information in communicating with you with respect to our available services, queries relating to your transaction with us and other business-related matters which we need to notify you, such as email messages and other forms of messages aimed at providing you with pertinent travel related-information, which of course you are free to receive or reject.


Budget Travel reserves its right to share your information but strictly only with:

Hotel, airline and other related-services suppliers, who may get in touch with you to secure the necessary information relating to the service being provided.

Other service providers who may be acting upon our instruction or in connection with the services you have secured our services for such as the processing of credit card processing and related transactions.

We may also authorize third-party vendors to collect information on our behalf to facilitate your transactions with us. Needless to say, these service providers are neither allowed nor authorized to relay or utilize any information from you for any purpose other than related to the services we are providing you with.

Other players in the industry and stakeholders with whom we partner with our services. However, please understand that there are some privacy practices by third-party business partners which are beyond our scope and control.

Entities within our group of Companies with whom we may share your personal information with respect to us providing you with information about products and services which may be relevant and interest to you.

Government entities and instrumentalities, local or foreign, mandating to disclose information in compliance with pertinent laws and legal processes, more so if the sharing of such information is relevant and necessary in the investigation, prevention or the taking of legal action against illegal or perceived illegal activities with the end in view of protecting the rights of Budget Travel.

Cessation of Business Activities and Retention of Information

Should Budget Travel cease its business operations or merge with other business entities, Budget Travel reserves the right to share aggregate or anonymous information with third parties in connection with the said closure or merger including advertisers and investors for as long as said information does not involve any personal information. For record purposes over a period of time, Budget Travel May retain such information

Data Protection

Budget Travel has a sworn duty to protect the information it acquires in the course of business. Such being the case, Budget Travel is exerting its utmost best to adopt and implement all the necessary procedures to protect all the information it is provided with. As such, only authorized employees of Budget Travel are allowed to access personal information and strictly only for business-related purposes. We have taken all the necessary steps to avoid any unauthorized intrusion into our system. Should you have any concern, question or any clarification about our policy or relating to your personal data or information, please contact us

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